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Why Did I Paint These Rocks?

January 10, 2012

I recently read a fellow painter’s blog which asked why do we paint the things we paint.  What are we trying to say?  Well, I took that to heart, so here goes.

We were on a Sunday afternoon ride with our dogs.  We rode up through the Jemez Mountains just west of our home, and enjoying the spring  sunshine and the nip in the air.  We had just  passed Soda Dam on our way back down the mountain, and I spoted this rock formation. It was glowing in the sun.  It was afternoon so the sun had already moved across the great left the walls of the canyon bathed in shivers of shadow.  There were other folks around, but none of them seemed to notice.  I just had to get out of the car to capture this magnificent sun spot.

The photograph has been hanging around my studio for several years now.  I finally realized that I needed to share this with the world through oil paint.  There were so few people who seemed to notice it the day I first saw it, and I was still moved by the image.

My goal was to create a piece of art that would tell the world just was I saw and felt that spring day so long ago.

Keep smearing that paint, I will,



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