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Be Kind to Yourself Painters!

January 2, 2012

Today was the dreaded day of taking down the Christmas tree and other holiday decorations.  I really don’t understand why the closet always shrinks when it comes time to organize and put away the Christmas stuff.  It’s as though it holds it breath or something.  I know the stuff fit in here before because this is where I found it!  Ugh.

Bright eyed and bushy-tailed this morning, I enlisted the help of my husband and we took that plastic and steel devil that passes for a Christmas tree down.  It obviously wasn’t ready to be stuffed back into a box for another year as it clung to the tinsel and strings of lights like a child to a lollipop.  Of course I have one of those pre-lit trees, but they don’t come with nearly enough lights to twinkle properly and make all those big glass balls glow and shine.  I had to add another 12 strings of lights to do that.

Breathing a sigh of relief that the thing was duly stuffed  back into its box, and the ornaments and various other decorations were huddled on the guest room bed, awaiting wrapping and packing, I suggested that we had done enough for one day as I was anxious to get out to my studio.  Bradley readily agreed.  While he swept up the worst of the mess, I went into the kitchen to warm up lunch.

After a belly full of posole (hot in more ways than one), we began to watch the football game.  I kept meaning to go on out to the studio, but just couldn’t leave the sofa while the football game was in the third overtime.  The next thing I remember is awakening to the play of the Rose Bowl.  Of course I cheered for my favorite team, but I couldn’t tell you which one that was right now.  I’m a very fickle football fan and besides, I can’t remember which teams were playing.

I was mildly upset when I realized I had napped through my studio hours, but that didn’t last long.  I forgive me.  You should too.  After all, I plan to make up the time tomorrow.  Instead of 1/2 day, I’ll spend the whole day in the studio.  Besides, if you’re not nice to you, no one else will be either.

So it is now time to retire to the library for the night, eat a light supper, and spend time with my spouse.  But, does two people napping in the same room count as spending time together?  If so, I have already spent enought time with him for today, so maybe I’ll just read or watch TV.

Keep smearing that paint, I sure will (well, tomorrow I will)


PS:  If you would like to see the painting shown above as a small “inchy” thing, just double click on it.


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